Ticket Terms and Conditions

Section 1 - Refunds or ticket changes

1. To change, refund or enquire about your ticket, please contact us via the Ticket Enquiry here.

1.2 Refunds can be processed up to 1 day before the show, any refunds after this time will most likely be accepted however please aim to request your refund as soon as you can.

2. For information regarding Covid-19 and tickets, please click here

Section 2 - Arrival Policies

1. When arriving at the venue, you are responsible for making sure you're attending on the right date and that your entire party has valid tickets.

1.2. If you arrive and your ticket is incorrect (e.g. a different date) we may be able to fit you in. This is subject to capacity.

2. When arriving you must arrive on time (6:30pm). This is so we can get you checked in and ready for the show to start at 7.
2.2. Doors open at 6:30. Entry to the hall will not be permitted until your entry time.



Section 3 - Purchases

1. If you purchase the wrong ticket type, you may not be admitted. We can change this ticket for free so if you have purchased the wrong ticket, please contact us here as soon as possible.


Section 4 - If our event is cancelled or postponed

1. If our event is cancelled you are entitled to a full refund. This refund will be automatically processed and will reach your account within 14 days of our event being cancelled. If you have any concerns, questions or queries contact us via the Ticket Enquiries form here.


2. If our event is postponed you are entitled to a full refund or you're able to transfer your tickets to the new date. Your tickets will automatically be transferred but if you would like a refund or have any questions please contact us via the Ticket Enquiries form here.